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Jiang Paige
21 February 2008 @ 01:10 pm
Look, I'm sorry for the way I spazzed out already. It wasn't right of me, I know.

You just...seemed so defensive, and it made me curious and a bit suspicious.

...or maybe I'm still overreacting...
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Jiang Paige
12 February 2008 @ 08:38 pm
Needless to say, this battle proved to be quite a challenge. My team and I are used to working against type advantages-which is why my team, including my Nidoking (though, as much as he could be...) are all especially quick and agile. Unfortunately, our speed wouldn't give us much of an upper hand in a gym that specializes in flying types, as naturally fast as they are. Which I why, I've attempted to make my team more diverse by teaching them moves outside of their type group (meaning the moves that are uncommon; a beedrill learning fireblast is far too frivolous of a though). Tactics, speed, and the aforementioned moves have always brought our victories, though we share defeat often. So I headed to Violet Gym that morning.

The place is very traditional-not unlike the rest of the town, as beautiful and preserved as it is. Anyways, the gym leader there seemed very confident, as well as his "partner" of sorts. They appeared to be very close and affectionate of eachother. Of coarse I could've done without the taunts of Mr.Yoshinori, but it seemed cute-the way he was supporting his boyfriend and all. Heh.

He begins with his Skarmory-and said pokemon looks quite intimidating. Though, my best bet was Anselm and his thunderbolt. The battle remained up in the air (figuratively, of coarse) for a bit-despite Anselm's heightened speed for a Nidoking, Skarmory was far more agile and quick, therefore dodging most of Anselm's attacks. After taking a few hits, Anselm finally struck the Skarmory with a powerful thunderbolt as he was preparing for a steel wing attack. Well-that was one pokemon down, but Anselm seemed to be near the point of black out, so I recalled him, after congratulating him on a job well done.

Next came the Noctowl-I have to admit, I was a bit afraid of how powerful this pokemon would be. Well, not afraid exactly...more like nervous or anxious. So I sent in Stanislaus. Their speeds were matched somewhat, making the battle a "dodging dance" for a while. Stanislaus's crunch and poison jab were effective with the occasional night slash (it became increasingly difficult to hit the Noctowl as Stanislaus's stamina drained). However, my dear Seviper fainted after one too many psychic hits. So I sent in Faustina, and, with a poison attack whose name escapes me at the moment, poisoned the Skarmory, who was eventually recalled. So now we're both down to our last pokemon.

His pidgeot was absolutly amazing-magestic and proud, as it's trainer was. Both pokemon were incredibly quick-I almost feared that it would be difficult to give out orders under such conditions. The battle was intense, with much dodging and swooping, but eventually with a last minute hyper-beam, we some how won. Some how...

Faustina was exhausted afterwards, so I took her to the Center. It was odd...I felt glad that we won, I really did. I was proud of my team, overcoming the type disadvantages, but I couldn't help but notice that the fight could have gone either way in a moment. Did I just happened to be lucky that th pendulum swung to my side? I am also contemplating asking Falkner for a rematch, seriously. I'm still undecided as to if I should request one or not, which I why I've been training on the routes outside of Violet City for the past week.

On a lighter note, Mr.Falkner and Mr.Yoshinori seem to make an excellent couple. They're very devoted to each other, which isn't something you see often in this world with all the complications of "one night stands" and "no strings sex" type deals. It was quite refreshing to see them, and I wish their future all the best.
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Jiang Paige
03 February 2008 @ 08:23 pm
Well we arrived at Violet City around an hour ago, to be somewhat exact. We've only jut settled in at the Pokemon Center for the night, as I plan to challenge Falkner tomorrow. We got plenty of exercise along the routes we traveled, through they were filled mostly with junior trainers. It's been a long time since our last Gym battle, so even I am a bit excited. Mercutio is the only one who hasn't gone to sleep yet-he seems too hyped up to, heh. I'll probably spend half an hour with some loose strategic planning before heading off to bed myself...

I tried my hand at a layout. I sort of like the page background, but do the skulls make it look a tad..."goth"? I'm not referring to the American Gothic style, but rather the type that inhibit the Myspace and Facebook web communities.

Current Location: Violet Pokemon Center
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Jiang Paige
29 January 2008 @ 09:30 pm
I guess that this would be my first journal entry...I don't quite know how I should go about and approach this; I'm not very skilled with computers as well as conveying what I want to say in words, much less text.

I suppose I should start this off with a simple introduction of myself. My name is Paige, and I am a sixteen year old girl. I was born in Mossdeep City of the Hoen region. I would often visit the Kanto region, as a favorite Uncle of mine resides there, who eventually persuaded me to begin my pokemon journey in Kanto. My preferred type of pokemon would be those who are poisonous. My first pokemon, as pathetic as it may sound, was a Weedle. As pathetic as it may sound, he grew up into a magnificent Beedrill, whom usually stays out of his pokeball and accompanies me instead.

I am an avid lover of music-I have learned to play many instruments, sing, and enjoy listening to music of all genres, time periods, and cultures. I don't really want to have a music-oriented career, but it is a passion of mine which I could not live without. I simply enjoy being on the road far too much, and am almost always on the move. Which is why I've made the decision to sign up here. As all (an assumption) of you already know, many trainers from various regions as well as gym-leaders and Elite Four members are also registered on this site. Being constantly on the move causes me to not come in contact much with those I mean to, or have met before. This web site seems like a valid solution to that problem, as I have noticed that mainly trainers from the Sinnoh and Johto regions are active here.

I have just arrived in Johto, and am currently gathering as much information on it as possible (just to be prepared, I'm not a stalker, I promise), namely, the leader of the Violet City gym-Falkner. I did I little digging (once again, not a stalker) and discovered that he was registered here as well. Hm, my first gym match should prove to be quite interesting (as I've heard that he has his own personal "cheerleader"). But for now, I shall end this post and head off to bed-I'll be departing soon.

(...and maybe I'll get around to making a layout eventually...)
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